1 -Better luminaire design.

2 -Better heat sink design.

3 -Better PCB circuit design.

4 -Better LED quality selection.

5 -Better and safer connection to the driver.

6 -Better optical lens selection.

7 -Triple surge protection.

8 -Strict quality control for every process.

Service Concept


Personalized design can be carried out according to customers'requirements to meet the needs of different customers.

Fast response

If customers ask for quality problems, kled will quickly respond to customer requirements and customize a set of practical solutions in24 hours, to help customers solve problems as soon as possible.


All kled products are guaranteed for 5 years. Products with special requirements can be guaranteed for 10 years, If quality problems occur during the guaranteed period, kled will provide products or accessories free of charge and relevant maintenance costs if necessary.

Business Concept

Privacy Protection

We are not just another lighting factory, we are your luminaire factory, Ensuring the privacy protection of cooperative customers.

Competitive Price

For our technical capacity to design and develop and its production at the lowest cost, ensuring its competitivity.

On Time Delivery

We have a strong manufacturing capability to ensure that customer orders can be delivered on time according to the contract.

Fast Response

We assumed that we will be wrong some times but we quickly and efficiently respond in order to find a solution.


More ways to purchase: get to Kled products, call +86 574 62566 890 or send an email to info@kled.com , Contact customer service。

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