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Service Concept

It can be customized according to customer needs to meet the needs of different customers.
Quick response
If a customer raises a quality problem, kled will quickly respond to customer requirements within 24 hours and customize a set of practical solutions to help customers solve the problem as soon as possible.
Guarantee commitment
All kled products are guaranteed for 5 years. Products with special requirements can be guaranteed for 10 years. If quality problems occur during the warranty period, kled will provide products or accessories for free, and provide corresponding maintenance costs when necessary.
Privacy Protection
We are not just another lighting factory, we are your lighting factory to ensure the privacy protection of our customers.
Competitive price
The technical ability to design, develop and produce at the lowest cost ensures its competitiveness.
On time delivery
We have strong production capacity to ensure that customer orders can be delivered on time according to the contract.
Quick response
We think we sometimes make mistakes, but we react quickly and efficiently in order to find a solution.