• Aluminum die casting base and heatsink, extruded aluminum alloy body.

  • PC prism transparent diffuser with high visual comfort and uniform lighting distribution.

  • There are two version design: AC input noramlly version and solar version.

  • Surface anti-ultravilet pure polyester powder painting, Corrosion resistance can be more than 1000 hours.

  • No photo-biological risk, in accordance with EN 62471:2008.

  • The maximum surface temperature of all accessible part under 50 degrees for safety and reliable.

Product power:                3-12W

Light flow lumens:           180-2130LM

Working style:                  AC INPUT/SOLAR SUPPORT

Colour temperature:       3000K/4000K

IP Grade:                          IP65

IK Grade:                          IK09

Standard height:             H=650MM

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